Kathy Brotherton - EVP Land & Business Development

Kathy Brotherton

Land Advisor, Legacy Mineral & Royalty Interests

Kathy has 35 years of Land and Land Administration experience, with special focus on Business Development and Acquisitions & Divestitures. Today, she manages the legacy mineral and royalty interests of Black Swan Oil & Gas “I,” which she acquired in her role as EVP of Land & Business Development. 

Prior to joining Black Swan, Kathy served as Director of Land for J. Cleo Thompson where she managed all A&D activity and assembled 70,000 acres in the Midland Basin. Kathy held similar Land and Business Development roles at HighMount Exploration and Production, Dominion Exploration and Production, Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas, and Plains Resources Inc. Kathy has experience in numerous areas, with particular expertise in Permian and Mid-Continent.